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@veekster, Sheraton Grand Seattle
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Through the Lens: Seattle

Our Through the Lens interviews offer a never-before-seen view of our favorite communities. This time we look Through the Lens with Victoria Wright as she captures the variation and beauty of Seattle.

When photographer Victoria Wright first started shooting in Seattle, she didn’t do it alone. Instead, she would go on hikes with mentors and friends or ride the ferry with them to one of the city’s islands. Discovering different parts of the city together, each would capture the journey in their own style.

Twelve years later, Wright is the mentor, sometimes leading workshop tours or photo shops. It’s not as organic as it was in those early days, which are still her favorite memories of viewing her community through the lens, but it still gives her the chance to continue exploring the town that has captivated her for so long.

We spoke with Wright about her experience at the Sheraton Grand Seattle and how the city’s artistic community inspires her to this day.

Two women sitting at coffee bar
@veekster, Sheraton Grand Seattle

What were your impressions of how the Sheraton Grand Seattle incorporates Seattle’s vibrant art community into its space?

The hotel features a lot of local artists that are displayed in the lobby, but they’re also in other parts of the hotel. They’ve done a really good job of integrating art into the space. Even in the rooms, they put in local art and, to me, as a creative and a photographer, it is really cool to see other artists highlighted in that way. It’s a really open space that’s warm and welcoming.

Art in the Sheraton Guestroom
@veekster, Sheraton Grand Seattle

Let’s talk about the city itself. What inspires you most in Seattle?

Light, as a photographer, is my biggest draw. Other cities have a lot more light, whereas Seattle is often grey. That makes for some really good mood shots. The weather is also something I pay attention to. We don’t have crazy, harsh summers or winters, so we can get out and shoot whenever we want. In general, I think there are a lot of unique pockets around Seattle, which is what makes it so special. Within a half an hour, you can be out in the mountains or on a ferry boat to one of the islands. There is so much variation and beauty — and none of it is like the other parts of the city.

Woman walking in hallway
@veekster, Sheraton Grand Seattle

What does community mean to you? How has it impacted your creativity?

Other than becoming more familiar with the city, my community [in Seattle] made me more aware of my surroundings. At first, you’re photographing everything and taking it all in, but eventually, exposure to new people made it so you see the city with fresh eyes. Over time, you start seeing in new formats, too — you see a corner or an angle or light on someone’s face and that inspires you to pick up the camera.

What type of community do you look for when you land in new cities?

It’s less interesting to me to go to a tourist destination. I’d much rather have dinner with someone who lives there and can show me the little hole-in-the-wall place. I love meeting people who can give you an honest experience of what’s true to their city. Any way I can get closer to that is something I try to do. But, when I’m done, flying in and seeing the Puget Sound and Mount Rainier is always a good feeling. Seattle will always be home.

This interview has been condensed and lightly edited for clarity.

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